V12 engine and other castings reproduced with 3D printing exhibited at London Classic Car Show

3Dealise will show classic auto parts made with 3D printing at the London Classic Car Show from 15 to 18 February 2018.


We use a combination of advanced and traditional technologies to reproduce, in a few weeks, classic castings of any kind without a pattern, such as the 1936 V12 engine below. We reproduce the original surface finish and original details such as serial numbers.


V12 engine from 1936 reproduced with 3D printing


Watch our 3-minute video about a 1912 engine:



Advanced technology:


Traditional technology:


Recent and current projects:


We have a small number of complimentary tickets for current and prospective clients, please send a message to with your details and project description. We would be delighted to meet you there!


Visit us at stand A23.


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