V12 engine made with 3D printing on show at RapidPro from 7 to 9 March

3Dealise will showcase some of its most exciting projects at the RapidPro from 7 to 9 March 2017, including a giant V12 engine made with 3D printing.


The engine in question is a re-manufactured 1936 model for a museum, of which spare parts cannot be found or made any other way. Blueprints were also not available, so a 3D scan of the original engine was made, followed by reverse engineering and digital repair of the worn sections.


V12 engine from 1936 remanufactured with 3D printing


3Dealise uses a 2-step process for production of industrial-scale parts: 3D printing a sand mould direct from a CAD file, which then serves to produce a casting. The combination of technologies brings the best of both worlds: design freedom, speed, flexibility, digital accuracy, customisation as well as well-known materials that can be provided with a Lloyds material certificate and have a traditional surface finish.


Other exhibits will include energy-saving prototype pump impellers, machine parts with 40% weight reduction and ‘impossible’ objects made possible by 3D printing. All parts are metal and made for actual use under some of the most challenging conditions.


Watch our 3-minute video about producing a 1912 engine:



Visit us at Stand 79.



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