Pioneer digital sculptor Rinus Roelofs to unveil giant 2.3-metre-tall artwork made with 3D printing at the RapidPro trade show

2.3-metre-tall artwork made with 3D printing


Rinus Roelofs has been a pioneer in ‘sculpting’ on a computer for over 20 years. Until recently, his most complex digital creations were impossible to realise, because they were too complex for traditional production methods. Mr Roelofs has been an early adopter of 3D printing, but most 3D printing technologies were not capable of producing the scale and material that he needs for outdoor public display… until now.

3Dealise, the pioneer industrial 3D printing company, is capable of manufacturing complex products up to Ø5000 mm and weighing 5000 kg with digital precision. That makes 3Dealise an ideal match for the requirements of Mr Roelofs: complex artworks that are large and strong enough for outdoor public display. 3Dealise has been working with Mr Roelofs for some time to bring his ideas to life, with some pioneering results.

At the RapidPro trade show next month, Rinus Roelofs and 3Dealise will unveil a giant 2.3-metre-tall artwork made with 3D printing.


Where: RapidPro, Veldhoven, the Netherlands
Booth: 3Dealise, booth 79
When: March 1st at 11 am
Tickets: RapidPro website



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