3Dealise featured in Engineering Capacity

Giant 3D prints on show

3Dealise (Stand A24) the industrial scale 3D printing service, will showcase products over 1.5m tall at this year’s TCT Show. Focussing on 3D engineering and 3D printing for industrial applications, the company has already produced 3D printed products up to 3m in diameter and weighing 2.5 tonnes - in fact too big to bring to the show.


3Dealise will exhibit a ‘mid-size’ metal work of art and a prototype concrete pillar, both just over 1.5m tall along with a range of other industrial products such as an engine block, impellers for pumps and complex structural frames, all functional parts that meet the highest standards for quality and accuracy.


3Dealise uses a two-step process for many of the larger products, first 3D printing a casting mould and then casting the actual product. This combines the advantages of 3D printing, such as freedom of design and capability for complex geometries, with the advantages of traditional casting.


 Engineering Capacity Aug 2015Engineering Capacity Aug 2015


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