3Dealise featured in Cast Metal & Diecasting Times

3D sand printer produces first prototypes for UK customers

London-based 3Dealise Ltd recently 3D-printed its first prototypes for a UK customer using the ExOne S-Max. This is the largest and fastest 3D sand printer currently available on the market, capable of producing prints up to the size of a telephone box (maximum build volume 1800mm x 1000mm x 700mm).


3Dealise uses a sand printing process to produce moulds from which large castings can be created. This eliminates the need for a casting pattern and cuts out an entire production step. 3D printing of casting moulds is particularly well suited to create metal prototypes and small production series.


The full-service concept offered by 3dDealise comprises scanning, engineering and printing. This allows copying and reverse engineering of existing parts. A 3Dealise video shows this capability being used to reproduce and repair the damaged cylinder on a 1912 Brush car.


Cast Metal & Diecasting Times Nov 2014


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